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Inspiring Inclusion

Award Winning Training and Support that impacts and enables change 

Meet Cheryl Warren

Award Winning Trainer & Consultant

This is the home of Aperion Training, a platform for support, guidance, training and products that are designed to enable early years professionals to create inspiring, supportive and nurturing environments for neurodivergent children and their families. 

Cheryl has worked within the early years sector for almost three decades, her training is award winning and she use her professional and personal experiences of parenting children facing additional challenges, within her work.


No matter whether you are new to early years or have been delivering SEND provision for many years, Cheryl has got something for you.

Connect with me, train with me and let’s make the changes needed to ensure quality early years SEND provision remains high on the agenda, and offers children and families the support they need and deserve. 

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What Cheryl Specialises In

Bespoke training


SEND qualifications

Autism environmental audits

Boy with Scarf

Every child needs a champion, an adult who will never give up on them

Cheryl presented us with a very positive session, with her confident, knowledgeable and friendly approach and the team left with a positive and can do attitude for their ongoing leadership.

Claire - Operations Manager

“I was in awe of your knowledge, passion and confidence that you had.  You are incredibly inspiring and I can honestly say that I have never walked away from a training session eager for the next”

 Sarah - Early Years Educator

"Thanks you for such an incredible training session.  We all said how much we thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt so much"

Perrin - Nursery School Headteacher

Acceptance is Key

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