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Unlock the power of neurodiversity in your early years setting with Cheryl Warren's comprehensive e-book, Neurodiversity in the Early Years.

This essential guide is designed for early years educators, providing the tools and insights needed to create an inclusive, supportive, and neuroaffirming environment for every child.


Included in the text:

Understanding Neurodiversity

  • Explore the foundational principles of neurodiversity and the neurodiversity paradigm.
  • Learn about the range of brain functionalities and the importance of viewing differences as strengths, not deficits.


Being a Neuroaffirming Educator

  • Reflect on your current practices with a strength-based approach.
  • Tips to promote an inclusive environment where every child can be their authentic self.


Knowing the Unique Child

  • Strategies to understand each child’s unique needs, sensory profiles, and triggers.
  • Practical insights on supporting neurodivergent children effectively.


Being an Neuroaffirming Play Partner

  • Embrace and validate all types of play, including neurodivergent play.
  • Guidance on joining and supporting children in their preferred play styles.


Creating a Safe Environment

  • Conduct an environmental audit to ensure a sensory-friendly space.
  • Practical tips to reduce sensory overload and create a safe, welcoming environment.


Understanding Sensory Profiles

  • Comprehensive overview of the eight sensory systems, including vestibular, proprioception, and interoception.
  • Activities to support sensory-seeking behaviours and help children thrive.


Promoting Connection and Belonging

  • Foster a sense of belonging and connection within your setting.
  • Build strong, trusting relationships with neurodivergent children.


Top Ten Next Steps

  • Actionable steps to implement neuroinclusive practices in your setting.
  • Ongoing reflection and improvement tips to ensure continuous growth.

Neurodiversity in the Early Years Workbook

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