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Meet Cheryl

Early Years SEND Specialist

I am currently working with many nurseries, schools and early years settings in a range of ways, including an ongoing relationship as their SEND consultant.  I share my passion, commitment and experiences from almost 30 years in the early years sector and as a parent of a neurodivergent child.  I deliver training events, seminars and keynotes nationally and webinars both in the UK and  internationally, including in India, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Jamaica.  And I would love to work with you to build on your existing delivery of quality SEND practice. 


There is a real movement to empower all those who care for children who may present difference, to grow to be neurodivergent affirming educators and I would love to be able to support you and your team to become leaders within the movement. 


My passion is to inform and enable acceptance of all our children no matter their strengths or areas of challenge.  Difference is normal and we need to celebrate this, supporting all children to be themselves and become who they want to be, removing barriers and meeting them where they are.


On The Road

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