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Training & Consultancy

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Understanding and Celebrating Neurodiversity

Cheryl offers a range of training that can be tailored to meet the needs of setting.


Training can introduce SEND from both a legislative and practical perspective. 


Training will allow for discussion and explanation specifically on neurodivergent children and their families.


Creating enabling environments that meet their needs.


Sharing effective responses and strategies to the range of behaviours our neurodivergent children may show, as well as discussing behaviours that may give us cause for concern.  


Cheryl will share strategies that can introduce small changes that will enable you to deliver real inclusion. 


Environmental Audits

An environmental audit is a way of assessing the physical environment to ensure that it provides a safe and supportive space where all children can thrive.

Noise, temperature, lighting and furniture arrangements have been found to have an impact on learning and development.


The audit will comprise of an observation within the setting, a full report with recommendations as well as a follow up support visit

SEND qualifications

Cheryl is also a qualified tutor and assessor and is as able to deliver CACHE SEND and SENDCo qualifications which also have embedded her skills, expertise, knowledge and passion quality SEND practice.  

Her unique background enables deeper level teaching and learning, enabling her students to critically reflect and embed new practices that support the children they are caring for.

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